Sunday, October 23, 2011

And Last but not least, here's our lil' chubs; Jacob Mahlon Gingerich joined us just 8 months ago. His Daddy named him and  he goes by his middle name. (He's named after his 2 Great-Grandpas and also his Daddy.) So far he has two teeth through. Once in awhile he'll manage to get his belly off the floor but so far he's not crawling .He loves his walker, bouncer, swinging outside, wagon rides.. and gets bored quickly if he can't watch his sisters playing.    He's been a little fussier than his sisters were but all-in-all he's a little charmer with a quick smile. His sisters adore him but he knows that Heidi is rougher and he will start complaining sometimes before she even gets started "lovin him up". (more than once she's been found sitting on him.)  On investigation once, I discovered one girlie pulling him by the arms and the other coming along hanging onto his legs, and in this way were moving him across the room.  But he's tough and already their payback is coming when he "runs over" them with his walker.  He  loves to snuggle, pull hair, be on the move, and eat. We're so grateful to God for our sonny-boy !


  1. Hey, so glad to have 'found' you!!! I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts, and keeping up with you in this way!!:)