Friday, October 21, 2011


Heidi Jo, with the sparkling brown eyes and curly brown hair, just turned 2 years old. She's our quiet observer, our moody one, and our little tease.  An early talker, she says nearly anything she wants. Her and Hannah are nearly constant companions but she also enjoys being off on her own and isn't always submissive to her sister's desires.  She was the biggest "mama's baby" but now is often her Daddy's shadow when he's working around the house. She like to share, "make bekfast" in her little kitchen, help mommy empty the dishwasher and hang up wash, playing dolly, and looking at books. Her favorite song right now is "tinkle -tinkle little staweer".  One day she wanted candy we'd gotten from a parade and said, "Jesus throw those !"  Once Hannah asked Heidi if she wanted help. The answer?.." No! help me !"

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