Friday, October 21, 2011


And this is our "Hannah Girl". She was sent from above, three and a half years ago. She's very sweet natured and  also extreemly strong-willed. She dearly loves her family.  She likes to go away to other people's houses, she has a great imagination, enjoys drawing, puzzles, singing, being outside, being in control ;) and is happiest working or playing side-by-side with her Mommy or Daddy.   She's taught us much, is very particular, and I think as she gets older she'll be wonderful at helping me keep things neat and tidy.   She often talks about heaven and wanting to go up to Jesus so He can hold her and she can  "sing a new song".   This morning she was coloring a horse purple and I told her that I never saw a real purple horse.  She says, "When i get big i'm gonna see a purple horse." Smiling, I replied, "God doesn't make horses purple, silly !"  She giggled, " I forgot that !"

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