Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birthday Week

 Here's a big THANK YOU to all who send kind wishes on my birthday ! My whole week was a rather fun, though busy one, with family from Minnesota around, I didn't plan much. Most days My SILS, Rosie and Verena and Rosie's 2 little boys, came up for part of the day and we worked at scrapbooking/ card-making. .something I enjoy but rarely take time for. Mom also came up one day and Grandma Laura did twice.
  I also was able to get some outside work done. It's so unusual to be having such a mild brown November. Monday evening we enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal at church with the school. "Turkey-in-a hole" was a mouth watering success!
  Tuesday evening Mom, Grandma L, Verena, and Rosie took me out to eat for my birthday and we did a little shopping also. It was a special evening but the fun was quite diminished when I got home and discovered my baby had cried most of the evening and a daughter had wet herself making the evening a bit stressful for hubby.
  Wednesday evening was prayer meeting. Jacob was song leader and I was group leader for our little prayer group. What a blessing to pray together with friends. Verena spent the night.
  Thursday I was delighted to see what gift God had sent..finally the ground was white :)  The girls were so excited and anxious to get out in it. So we scooped some up and they ate it with spoons. After packing Jacob's lunch and making him breakfast I went outside and played in the fluffy stuff for a bit. I told them it was hardly enough to make the snowman they wanted but gave in and made a mini-man for them.  Meanwhile Verena whipped up some yummy pumpkin pancakes and sausage which we enjoyed after Rosie and her boys arrived. I said that food tastes 90 times better when someone else makes it. I did a load of laundry and more scrapbooking. Mary Emma sent up a big bag of groceries with lots of yummy stuff to make some easy meals. Very special! i also received a box from my mom and now have a new book to read ..sometime.  For supper  we all ate at Grandpa Gingerichs.
   Jo Hershey had invited me over for Friday. Liz, Julia S, and their children were also there and we had a nice relaxing visit and lunch. And the ten preschoolers played nicely for the most part. It's so nice to connect with other moms and share stories and tips.
  Jacob called as I was about to leave. He came home from work early and we left again around 5pm. Grabbed a bite of supper on the run and then met Greg Drabek, his wife and daughter in town ( a guy Jacob works with) and they bought us tickets to watch  "Courageous". We really enjoyed it even though the children got a bit restless till the end.
  Today Jacob is working. I'm not getting much done on the homefront. I have a toothache that tylenole hasn't knocked out and am rather tired for some reason.  Hannah is praying for more snow since our last stuff didn't last real long. I would be happy with that !
   Happiness is... a clean house, a smiling spouse...giggling girls, soft baby curls...snow in its splendor, a heart of surrender.
   Signing off.....Jan


  1. Wow, sounds like a fun, full week!!! I want to watch Courageous, but it's not playing anywhere close by.:( Oh, well... Hope you have a super, relaxing, fun Saturday!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Hope your toothache goes away soon. We watched Courageous as well...powerful message isn't it? Hugs <3

  3. Happy belated birthday Janice. Loisann showed me the card you two send each other every year and i think it's a most delightful idea. Even your big brother thought it sounded good. :)

    Hope to see you soon! Love, Darla

  4. Happy belated birthday!! hope it was a GREAT ONE! mOINE AND i HAVE WANTED TO GO SEE cOURAGOUS but well wait till it comes out on dvd...glad you got to go out