Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Homemade Christmas

  Thanks goes to Ruby Showalter for this idea. (above) I didn't have the cute ribbon she used or much seasonal paper to work with , but this hangs in our living room.

 The "LOVE" one kinda "happened" when I was messing around trying to get inspired. And the following idea of putting candles in baby food jars comes from a magazine but I tried to make them a little more seasonal.

 So what are Your inexpensive and simple
 decorating ideas?  I'd love to put a few more things up, yet.


  1. O I love these ideas...Haven't put much thought into it yet...But these look neat! Super job!!

  2. The "Love" on a hanger is really cute!! Sometimes I think the most inexpensive decorations have the most heart!