Thursday, March 29, 2018

February/ March

Time just keeps moving on. The heat of February with it's dry parched lawns gave way to March thunderstorms and flood warnings and lush green grass that the mowers can't keep up with. Shambas were planted and weeding is in progress. We are enjoying spring after the heat as America enjoys spring after the cold.

On the first of February, Jake turned 32 years old. The 15th was Mahlon's 7th birthday and 5 days later our baby turned 2. Come to think of it, that's the first I could ever make that statement. For all the rest of our children, when they turned 2, there was already another baby in the house. This baby is very strong-willed but adds so much sweetness to life with his snuggles and endeavors to keep up with the other children.

One rare Sunday morning it was dumping rain and blowing cold so the few of us that showed up for church moved into the house for the service. I'm not sure if Joshua was feeling claustrophobic or what but he wasn't having a very good time. I ended up sitting in the van with the two youngest for a good part of the sermon.
                                          Helping plant shamba....really, I was earlier ! :) But here I was probably trying to keep Jediah happy and listening to Esther's oft repeated stories.
                Jediah and Joshua find it great fun to dig with the jambis like the men.

In March we headed for a little vacation in Jinga, Uganda. about 4-5 hours from here. These are some rice fields we drove by.
                We stayed at this little resort by the Nile River. The "house" furthest to the right is the one we stayed in.

                                        Yes, a lot of the lawn was pretty steep.
                                                    Boating on the Nile one afternoon.

                  My favorite picture of our time there. Joshua and Joey enjoying the swing. 
Jinga's indoor marketplace

haggling over prices

                                  My little cook was delighted to find an apron just her size.

                                     oops. Our van washer had a little bit of trouble!!!
                          Hannah, Joseph, Joseph, and Brian as we wait for our ride after church.
                             Tabitha delighted the other children with bike rides while we waited.
    Tis the season for enjoying flying ants! The older class at school was told by their teacher that she'd give each of them that tried the ants, 100/- ($1) The ants are a real treat to the natives and also have lots of health benefits (true story). I think each of the children tried them. Hannah pulled off the wings ,fried hers and ate it with yogurt like a pill she couldn't get down :) One of the boys fried his in bacon grease and it was "sooo good" he did a bunch more and brought them to the compound supper that night to share. Jediah liked them and called them candy. I thought surely I'd try some but , hey I'm pregnant and the baby protested! The children also caught a couple cupfuls and took them to the gateman. He was soo happy and crammed them wiggly and alive into his mouth by the handfuls.
                                                     Cute and curious in Uganda

               Two mischievous 3 yr olds in church. Yes, the one soon came and sat with his mama!
       Our March birthday girl turned ten! And she decorated her own cake this year. I thought she did a great job. Becky Hostetler has been teaching them cake decorating for art which makes me happy! Sorry for the dark picture. We hadn't had electricity most of that Sunday.
         Today Jake is out in Chulaimbo helping in the church's shamba . My morning has consisted of laundry, baking, blogging, and settling squabbles. It's time to get some lunch around and round up the littles. Joey took Ranji's (mechanic) son around the compound to see the dogs, and I think the others tagged along.
   Serve the Saviour !


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