Monday, June 11, 2018

Hither n Yon

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  I came across the above quote on Pinterest and love it. It's definitely a challenge I need. Do I let Christ's love shine through me to all I meet and let the judging up to God?
  The last 2 n half months have scurried by. The biggest event being the death of dear Grandpa Jake Coblents, Jacob's maternal grandfather. He was a dear soul brimming with friendliness and jokes. It was a hard decision but decided it was best if we don't all make the long trip to Phoenix, Arizona for the funeral. Jacob, Hannah, and Joey flew and were gone for 2 weeks. The rest of us tried to keep busy here. We went swimming, had a slumber party, field trip with the school, numerous meal invites,etc.
 We are now into the summer swing with school out, families headed off for furlough, and others coming to fill-in. Jake has been working around the compound more often than not. I guess it's now required by law to have solar heaters so that's a big project with 8 houses needing done. He also recently made a wheel chair for old grandpa Asman to use.
An Asian dentist  recently offered free check-ups to any of the missionary families interested. We had three of the children checked and then she worked on Joey's cavities right away. He was a wonderful little trooper even tho she didn't use anything to numb him.

We recently had Bible study at Emmanuel's dala. The children had so much fun getting and giving rides in his wheelbarrow.

                                            One of Jediah's favorite treats..fresh "mango".
Jake also taught shop class when school was in session. The boys loved making these little airplanes that can fly in circles.
new solar panel
The wheelchair Jake made and had someone weave the seat.
Asman on his  "maiden voyage". Headed to church.

Chorus Practice
New batch of chicks on the compound. 200+
A wagon ride to dry off after a water battle.
Brian Mast family singing at their farewell.  Brian's had to leave before their term was up since he wasn't able to obtain his work permit. So many tears, we ask over and over "Lord, why do they have to go"? It's still uncertain whether they will be able to return or not. For now, Ivan Peachy's are here filling in for them. 
Some of our lovely buds :)
oops, a throw back to March and Hannah's birthday treat at school.
Many believe the great commission was to save the world,
but the sooner we realize its purpose was to save the church,
the church will become the mission that can save the world.
End of the year school program. The upper class' theme was on the great commission. It may be a small school group but they did a lovely job.

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