Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Little Catch-up

  I don't have all the photos downloaded that I'd like to use but when I have a little time and motivation to actually sit down and try to blog once again, I decided to go for it anyway.
  I'm happy to be in my second trimester with my 7th pregnancy and not having quite the fatigue and nausea I'd been having earlier. We are exciting to look forward to welcoming this little one about mid- July, Lord willing.
 December was very busy and now with our church children and youth back in school and the holidays past, things have slowed down a bit which feels good! The native schools have three months of school , then one month off, three of school, and one off...on their off months we tend to try n do more church activities or just more here n there with some of the youth.  December Jake had extra choir practice on Fridays. One day he brought them all out to our place to practice and afterwards he took the boys/men out for icecream cones (rare treat!). I taught the rest to decorate cookies which I then froze for our Christmas meal at church. That was definitely a first for them. I was glad for Janette Stoltzfus' help that day and we had a good time.
 Another day we took the women and girls to Jennifer's Gardens. It was a long rather tiring day which began in a rather bad way and shook me up a bit. I went to make a u-turn into the stage where Jake was already waiting with the first van and the women were standing there in a big group. When I went to turn I misjudged how fast a piki-piki was approaching and ran it off the road. It went flying down right thru the crowd of women. two or so were either knocked to the ground or fell in a hurry to get out of the way. Then the piki keeled over. Accidents can easily turn violent. I sat in the van and prayed and was so grateful that the people on the piki didn't get more upset. there was a guy that came and knocked on my window but I kept the window up and didn't talk to him. I think he'd  had one too many drinks. I was so glad Jake was there to handle things. He gave the man some money for a little damage to the piki and we were on our way. Otherwise we had a good day.

  Another day we enjoyed a visit to the home of 2 of our youths. Here I am with their mother and baby sister. I admire this woman who seems like a bubbly happy mother to 12. (That includes a set of  10? year old twins and 3 yr old twins.)
Another day we had Bible study at their house.^^^ Our two van loads of people made for a full house.
It was special having Mark and MaryEllen Beachy around for a short time in Dec. One evening we went to our favorite restaurant, Big Bites, and enjoyed naans, rice, and Paneer Butter Masalla !
 Dishon all dressed up in his graduation garb. Exciting to see him becoming a doctor!
 Jake and James Barkman flew to Nairobi to attend his graduation ceremony.
Jake's ride through Nairobi headed back to the airport. Piki-pikis may not be the safest mode of transportation but they may be the fastest when there's a traffic jam. So glad he returned safely.

Another day, Jake was to preach at some large school gathering a little distance from here. They in turn sang for their guests.

The school children put on a great Christmas program one evening. The shadow play of the nativity was my favorite part. afterwards we had food and fellowship.
We had a nice Christmas day. The choir gave a program, we had good food, and a couple fun games. The children enjoyed the ring toss for lollipops and a small prize. The youth and adults played a game where they each chose a small gift from a pile we brought and then they had to keep exchanging them. There was lots of noise and laughter.

The other day I went with Jake and a few of the church people to take Joshua and Angeline's family to see the body of their son who was murdered. While they waited for more relatives to meet them there, us sisters tried to comfort Angeline (blue dress) and sang with her a bit. It was touching to see her start the singing thru her tears. Pray for the family. The son that died was married and had 6? young children. From what I understand he was headed home after closing up his duka and it was dark. Some people from another tribe stopped him and repeatedly speared and "slashed" him.One of the men here was in a small accident. Glad no one was hurt real bad. I kinda get a kick out of their tow- trucks.  

                         Brian and Emmanuel harvesting bunches of bananas in Emmanuel's dala.

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