Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's a Dress ! It's a Pillow !

  My mending pile was slightly smaller but I still had a ways to go. Doing something creative would be much more fun. While my sewing machine is out and I have a light work schedule and the children are busy out in the sunshine, why depress myself mending ? What about one of those many ideas that rarely come to fruition?
 I know just the one. There's a cute little poke -a- dot dress that is just getting too small for Heidi. Stains and holes could tell tales of the many adventures it has been on. But throw it away? hhmmm.....then there's that scrungy little pillow that mainly gets tossed from couch to floor to chair to..
 It didn't take long. I first needed to sew the ruffled skirt up higher because I really wanted that cute green ribbon included. Next I turned it inside out and sewed up the bottom before cutting the remainder of the skirt off.  Stuff the pillow in, sew up the sleeves, and I'm done. I left the top open so I can unbutton the dress/ pillowcase to take it off and wash it as needed. Now the dress is a simple accessory to my little girls' room.
Rest in Peace :)

The dress was originally a gift for 2 yr. Hannah from her Aunt Suzi ..I believe a $1.00 find at Kohls. And it matched her cousin's dress. :) 

Heidi was pleased when it got handed down to her !
   I recently made a new bag for my clothes pins but as I was sewing this dress up I realized that would've been another cute use for it. I think I'll keep that in mind for the next little dress I want to recycle. But for now I'd better return to that mending pile!

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