Friday, July 27, 2012

God is Good and Two Year olds are...terrible?

  God is good. All the time. I'm so grateful for all the little reminders He sends my way. Finances are very tight right now and I realize I could let myself get in a slump, worry, and get all stressed out of shape. Believe me, I'm as normal as they come and it's not always easy. But there have been so many times in the past God has shown Himself faithful to meet our every need. It's a good thing to have to lean harder on Him. It's a good thing to realize what you can do without, to learn to be more thrifty, to dig deeper in the freezer rather than running to the store. I want to buy treats for my children but then I stop and realize that my time spent playing with them, a gentle spirit, and laughing together means more to them than an ice cream cone that drips everywhere while mommy nags and scolds.
   The other day I went to the store and I Really wanted to buy yogurt or cottage cheese, but no, I was going to do my part to save and not spend on extras. Then God gave me a gentle hug. I was talking to one of the managers in the dairy department [yes, my father-in-law]. He was down on his knees marking something on some  containers and then he held it up and asked, "Do you want cottage cheese for $.99 ?" :)  At first I wasn't sure what to say. Cottage cheese is usually, what? Close to $4 ? I decided to take it, not feel guilty, and to accept it as a gift from a Father who cares. Mmm, it was even the kind we like. I'm trying to not be to selfish with it and share it with my family :)
    It reminded me of something that happened the other week. Heidi's feet are catching up in size to her sister's feet. She had outgrown her Sunday shoes so she was sharing Hannah's foot would wear sandals and the other would wear shoes, and sometimes they'd switch back n forth. But Hannah's feet are growing too and she was soon going to be needing bigger ones herself. I wasn't finding any at garage sales, and didn't want to spend on new ones.  Then we were at my in-laws and Mom said that she had been  going through her closet, Once in a while, she'd buy things and stick them back for gifts but now she had cleaned out some of that and was going to be getting rid of it. Was there anything I could use ?  :) You guessed it. There was a cute pair of black Sunday shoes in exactly the size Hannah needed. Another God-hug !
   Ok, different subject. Is there anyone out there who had a number of children and never went through "the terrible twos" ? What's your secret? I'd heard that if you train your child right before that age, there's nothing like "The Terrible Twos ".  Well, either, we're not very good parents or that philosophy was just for select few.  Hannah hit that stage at 15 months. She was very independant and strong-willed. Later when things were going more smoothly again, someone else with a daughter her age, said they didn't really hit that stage till their daughter was three or so.  Our second daughter was a lot more laid back and I didn't think we'd gave too much trouble with her..and then she turned 2 and it was like her personality did a flip..yup, it's the "terrible twos" with her. Our son, now 17 month seems about our easiest child yet, and I'm curious how it'll go for him, if each child seems just a little easier than the ones before. Hhmmm...on the other hand maybe it IS us as parents, just still learning the tricks.
  I think, though that there's just something about that age where they are learning to try  to figure things out on their own and they take extra time and patience to simply be taught how to respond to difficulties that get in their path. They need extra hugs and affirmation, and time on Mommy's lap to be reassured that their world isn't spinning out of control when the doll clothes don't go on right at first try or their nighty gets on upside down when they were determined, " I tan do it Myself !!!"
 There's also something so fun about two year olds. mine has a great imagination and I love hearing her express herself. Heidi Loves to help me and the other day when she was done with a job, she says sweetly, " Thank you, Mommy, for my help!"  Another time she says, " My nose hurts, Mom!"
 I ask, " Why does your nose hurt?"
 She replies, " Because I don't have to go potty !"
    I think I need a sister close by to have tea and talk for awhile. I'm rambling on. I only have around 14 weeks till baby dear arrives and the nesting instinct is strong but I'm not sure what to do about it because we're waiting to hear back from a guy about buying our house. I'm tired of the wait. But meanwhile I need to get some baking and ironing done. Have a good day counting your blessings.


  1. This is such a sweet post, Jan! I love your faith building stories. Sometimes I know that a lean time in our lives would be good for me and I almost wish for it. :)Are you moving out of the community, or just somewhere nearby?

    About the terrible twos....I think my children were kind of like yours. They didn't get to be trouble the minute they hit two, but they all seemed to go through frustrating times, often when they couldn't communicate what they needed but knew so well what it was. So many blessings to you. thanks for the smile in my day.

  2. We'd actually like to get closer to work, church,'s not terrible now ..1/2 hr or so but especially when children start to'd be like 2 hours a day on the road for me w/ all the littles..and the gas adds up..and it'd be wonderful if we could lower our morgage which really straps us.
    thanks for your kind comments.