Monday, August 20, 2012

Husband's Handywork

      Before we were married we talked of making a log bed. We went as far as pulling some logs from the woods and drying them out.Then it kinda got dropped.  The other week, Jacob says to me, "what would you think of making a log bed?" And before the week was over, there was one in our room. :)

 Yup, when my husband puts his mind to something, he goes at it like his life depends on it !   It was rather fun..going along out to the woods, looking at various cuts. (Loggers are presently busy in Grandpa's woods, so we mainly inspected pieces in their discard piles.)
  I wish I would have gottten a picture of Jacob peeling the logs by hand. It's fascinating.
  The children just loved being out in the garage while he worked. They played for hours in the shavings and with the little cut-off pieces. It was a wonderful spot for Imagination.
Having a snack at their little "table".
This scriber he borrowed from someone was a very expensive little helper that I found a bit intriguing.
 He was eager to get it set up in our room. But it was like an elephant to move ! Wow !
The children seemed to think it was a new playground !
  And here's the finished product. Didn't my hubby do a beautiful job? (May I brag?)  I'm proud of him !!

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  1. Wow!!! That is so cool!!!! I would say you have a right to be proud of him.:) Enjoy!!