Friday, June 29, 2012




So I was listening to this clip about a woman who died of breast cancer, I think before she was 30 yrs. old.
 She had made a list of things she wanted to accomplish in her life time...take a train across Canada, run a half marathon, help an orphanage in India, get married, etc. Most of those things she never achieved. If I remember correctly, she died a month after getting married and now her husband has set out to accomplish those things in her memory. Some, like learning to play the cornet, sew, knit... he's not real thrilled about but is determined to do them anyway.

   So here I am in my wonderful little life with my man and my babies, and it looks like that's just how my life is to be. And I look forward to the rest of the journey even though I don't enjoy every aspect of it to the max. (Really, am I expected to enjoy potty-training, fighting stretch marks, cleaning toilets, or settling squabbles ?)
   But just for a little, while my son settles back to sleep on my shoulder, my 2 year old sings in the next room to keep herself awake, and my 4 yr. old snoozes on her hero-daddy's pillow..just for a little I'm going to dream.
   In my dream, I grow beautiful flower gardens and learn to make special bouquets which my children take   to the elderly. rose gardens
                   (If it weren't for mu husband, I'm afraid any surviving flowers around here would be a dream.)
           I would take an anniversary trip to some place like this :
Sunset in Bora Bora
 Another trip would be to Alaska because that's my hubby's dream. Alaska
 We'd take our teenagers to a poor country and all help at an orphanage...preferably in India, where 2 of my beautiful nieces are from.
India India India products-i-love I would become an inspirational author for women.
                                                 I would run a lovely bed n breakfast with a tea room and a coffee and book nook and a music room (which would have a grand piano for my husband and varied instruments for my children.) And weary people, and terminally sick folks, and wore out moms, could come free of charge and  be refreshed. ( and for those moms..something special...a Private bubble bath, where they could soak till they were wrinkly as you please). No interruptions allowed.bubble baths
   I'd learn to cook healthy attractive 10 minute meals, with lots of variations. And people would quit asking me if I don't feed my hard working, Thin husband.
 Fast Healthy MealsMy children and I would memorize whole chapters of the Bible.
                        And as surely as I bring this to a close I will think of more things to add. It's been fun dreaming but in reality, my windows still need cleaned, my laundry is still unfolded, and my two year old is still awake.   What are your dreams ???


  1. Beautiful, Jan! I love the idea of a bed n are creating that atmosphere for the people you have in your home!! I dream of doing music ministry with my daughter someday; cooking those fabulous meals you talked about; learning Spanish and starting a Bible study with the natives in our community; traveling Europe and having a gorgeous house with a welcoming atmosphere! {is that enough? i have more! haha}

  2. Let us know when ever you want to visit Alaska! We'd be glad to have you! ;)