Monday, June 4, 2012

My Family

My oldest brother Carl ,his wife Ruth..(they're separated) and their beautiful adopted 7. They live in Ohio.

Marlin and Darla ..Sweet Emily is her mom's right-hand helper with 7 brothers.
My sis Dorcas , husband Matt, 7 biological children, 5 permenant foster, the girl to the far right is  17 year old Krista who was in dire need of a loving home and  Rachel(in white behind Dorcas), helps Matts with their childrens ministry and works closely with Krista.

Somehow i missed getting a family pic of Lukes. Here he is with wife Anita.
Luke's twins from India w/ cousin Emily
Heidi n Hannah with Luke's youngest adopted daughter, Kristina

My brother, Kevin( just older than me) and his wife Clara are expecting their first in August (?)

Yup,that's us.

Exuberant sis Loisann n her Groom, Anthony Witmer
My parents, Luke and Lois Weaver (PA) and my youngest sis, Diane who lives in Sparta, WI


  1. So great to see pictures of the whole family!!! It must have been a fun, noisy 2 weeks (=