Thursday, February 23, 2017

We Moved !

our crew waiting for breakfast at Java House that Saturday morning
For different and varied reasons, it was decided that once Deans move to Niya, we would move into their place at the other end of the compound and the new family, who is to arrive this afternoon would move into our place by the school.
 We've now been in the "new" place 2 weeks or so. It was one of the easiest moves ever for us beings we didn't have to pack up all the kitchen stuff or move all the furniture. We did switch some beds and refrigerators around and move one load or so with the pick-up truck. The rest we moved over the course of three days or so and did it primarily using the faithful little wagon.

First load headed for the new house

coming in our gate

Back porch / laundry room

living room/ dining room

                              my little kitchen. Stove and nice big pantry are to the left. And yes the door stays open pretty much from 5:30 am to 8:00 pm
living room and front door which opens into a hallway
where Jake spends many hours. He is the compound business manager and does a very good job of it.


  1. It looks fabulous. Your children are so adorable. The youngest one looks right like Dillon(Kevin and Clara's). Hope your time goes well at the new home.

  2. Thanks for commenting Nandri! It will be so interesting to compare Dillon and Jediah when we get them together for the first time. Come see us��