Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Bit of November

 Thanksgiving in Africa was a lovely relaxing day. There were a number of visitors from the states and 2 families from out-lying areas joined us. I believe there were around 60 people in all. A large tent was set up in Joseph and Becky's yard. The youth girls did an amazing job decorating an we felt very blessed with all the supplies brought from the states, including paper plates and cups and ham!!
 We also had local steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower salad, cranberry salad, rolls, and delight. mmm such a treat. We played a few games, relaxed, visited, enjoyed a yummy supper, sang, and visited some more. It did rain a short bit in the afternoon, but mostly it was a warm breezy beautiful day.
  The prior Friday we had gone to Mark Beachy's overnight. They live a little over an hour away. We had a very relaxing time with them. For part of our breakfast Saturday morning we walked over to the neighbor lady for some mandazis and watched her a little as she was making them. After lunch we went to the grave- sight of my niece Hadassah Faith Weaver. She would've been 2 if she had lived.  On the way home we crossed the equator again and this time stopped for some pics. Further on we stopped at Willis' duka (our Sunday school teacher) and seemed to delight him by buying some mandazis. I guess he was out of everything else. Or didn't have money to buy what was needed to make the chips he sells sometimes. (Chips are actually like our french-fries.)

Mandazies coming right up! of of the earth.
little spectators when we stopped at the equator

   On Tuesday my mom flew back to the states. The next day the new "compound maid"Stacy Byler arrived to take Rachel Miller's place.  She will be helping with sewing classes, cleaning, or just helping out where needed in the compound. Each of the single girls here are assigned a family which they join for Sundays. I'm ever so grateful that Stacy will be joining us. Jacob begins his roll as full time minister this coming Sunday. Dean Miller will still have bishop oversight but otherwise Jacob is the only one in the ministry there. Please keep him in your prayers.
 And just a couple of random pictures yet...
My boys watching their Daddy mow lawn.
Kenyan seatbelt 

And that's just a bit of our November. Have a lovely December :)

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