Friday, October 16, 2015

Bits of Our Lives In Pictures

Josephine making ugali. In the foreground is RoseMary are next teacher
  One day we quit language class an hour or so early and Josephine took over in the kitchen and showed us how to make ugali and skuma. The ugali was simply dumping a bit of water into a pan and bringing to a boil before adding a bit of white cornmeal.( She laughed at us "amerikans" wanting to know measurements.) Then you stir and stir till it sticks together well and there are no lumps. Place on a plate and pat into a nice half -ball. Cover till ready to serve.
The skuma (kale) was fried in oil with onions, tomatoes, and seasoning. You eat them together as finger food. Yum. Inexpensive and healthy. The ugali, especially is a real staple with the natives. We prefer it with some seasonings.
 This next picture is my view from the clinic where I went for a maternity check-up. I was sitting just inside the door. The building you see is a separate hospital and the chicken later got up and wandered into the open door marked "kitchen" and back out again in a bit.>>>
When I came out to see what these 3 wanted, they started singing "Happy Birthday" This was to be my cake :)
  One day Rachel Miller, Mom, Jake, Joshua and I went to the "Animal Market". No, they were not selling animals and I don't know why it is called that. This was a very interesting adventure. The people really wanted to bargain with you. One fellow "trapped" mom in an aisle trying to convince her to buy some sandles. Rachel went to her rescue and I don't think he was to happy about that. How long later we were already up by the road headed back to our vanhe came after her again with the sandals all wrapped up at one more attempt to sell them to her. We did get some good deals but
Little spectator at the market.

it will sure take a bit for me to get used to this bargaining thing!!!!!
This vendor was carving a picture into one of the many beautiful plates that were for sale .
One Friday evening the women had a "foot washing service", "Foot Spa Night". I was just getting over a bout of the flu and was pretty tired but it was a great evening. It's pretty hard on the feet around here and they quickly become (more) stained and callused. We soaked them while enjoying some yummy treats and drinks and then worked on each others feet. Ah, Bliss !! :) 
We are now getting into the rainy season. The other evening there was this beautiful brilliant rainbow arching right over our house. After admiring it abit and watching it get even brighter we noticed a second one over the first. I was not feeling well that day either and this was a special touch and reminder, "His banner over me is love."
Today was the end of our first week of language school with our second teacher. She's not professional like the first and some of it seems abit redundant but it's good review. We often spend the last  part of class with our song books. She translates a song for us and then we sing it. She has some interesting stories sometimes. Like when we had the word "snake", she told how her children found a huge snake in a bush and killed it. Here it was a neighbor man's "pet" (used in witch craft) and how he nearly went out of his mind and had to be hospitalized. I think he kept saying "They killed Me! They killed me!" 
Well, I need to close. Pray for us as we endeavor to learn how to reach those around us. 
Tonight I'm trying my hand at Hawaian BBQ chicken pizza. The 2 school teachers plan to join us.

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