Monday, November 4, 2013

(Mostly) Good Times

As I go about my daily tasks, I write blog posts in my head. Before I know it, that's old news and I'm mulling over another.  So here are some bits and pieces.
  One of the things I enjoy about rainy cold weather ; somehow work just seems less pressing. I find it easier to make time to enjoy things with the children.
The girls loved this little project the other week:
Really they were very simple. We took some clean baby food jars, slapped on some Mod Podge, covered it with ripped up pieces of tissue paper, and topped it off with some fun glitter and a ribbon. Drop in a flicker tealight candle and the girls had their own safe candle, they had made themselves. Of course the idea came from pintrest. Except, of course, those were cuter, done in Christmasy colors. I just bought more tissue paper and maybe we'll be making some of these for simple gifts from the girls. 
This :

is the week I was hoping to get some good fall photos of the the end of the week I was able to but it was still chilly.

And then there was That Tuesday evening. Madam had been to a Ladies Night.  Gifts, Laughter, and Dainty foods. Friends. A Lovely Time. But Madam was beginning to get a tad worried. Baby was sure to be good n ready for his mommy. She sped thru the murky darkness, rain shining under the glare of head-lights. A CD played and Madam prayed. "Lord, please keep me safe and don't let me hit any deer !"
  And then suddenly, a large black mass of fur, and two beady eyes staring at her. Three smaller bundles of fur strung out behind Mama Bear. A foot on the break, a prayer gasped out, and then an aweful bumping, thudding, going on under the car. In a daze, Madam pulled to the side of the road and retrieved her cell phone from the floor. After pulling her jumbled thoughts together, she carefully put the car in gear once more. Would it still drive fine?  A few more thuds came from below and then all was fine.
  Poor Mama Bear is likely still grieving the loss of one or two of her cubs. Madam was able to drive on home despite internal tremblings, a lost license plate, dented up radiator (in the shape of a small animal), and a few other issues of that sort. Nearing home, her mind suddenly registered the words coming from the CD : "Jesus travels with me !!" Gratitude to her Father, weld within. She didn't loose control of the car on the wet roads, she didn't hit the hunkin' mama, the car was still drivable with neither head-light being broken out !  
The car has been replaced though. With 250,000 miles on it and needing new tires any way, it was no big loss.
 The next day was one of the most fun I had in awhile. I loaded up my little crew and left around 8 AM. Picked up my MIL n SIL. Christina had a doctor appointment in Eau Claire..about 2 hours south of here, so we made a shopping day out of it. We got to lots of fun stores..Once Upon A Child, Hancocks, JoAnnes, Tuesday Morning,the Mall...The children got tired but did very well. They had fun in the play area at McDonalds and another one at the mall. Hannah's delight was picking out fabric for a school dress for next fall. Hancocks had some awesome sales. I got one piece that was originally around $20, marked down to $3.89 or so. At JCPennies, I got a pair of jeans for approx. $42 off the original price :)
  It was a weary crew that got home around 6pm that evening.
  I started telling someone that life has slowed down some since summer but then I realized how wrong I was. Revivals begin this week. Tonight is a birthday party for Jacob's dear grandma Laura. Friday my baby will be a year old already. I look forward to getting down to the Women's Seminar at Bethany this Saturday. Thanksgiving and hunting loom on the horizon before the rush into December. 
  2 Corinthians 9:8 - And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.

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