Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Morning in October

It's Monday morning. The sun is shining. Three little people chatter and squish their play-dough into crocodiles and ice cream cones and roads. Baby plays with a lone Sunday shoe and tastes a cast-off hair band, before screeching his desire for Mommy's lap.
  Laundry flaps in the cool breeze. Another load tumbles in suds, ridding itself of Last week's grime. The floors and counter tops are littered, the bed is stripped. "Move beds, use up zucchini, wash curtains, clean windows, work in flower beds.." are part of my week's to-do list. Not written down except in my head are "7:30 dentist appointment tomorrow morning, shop, and make chili for sewing-circle on Thursday.."
  After having company for a week, followed by a busy weekend, I'm delighting in this "day-of no-demands-except -that -which-my -family-or I-demand upon -myself."

                                                             Playing McDonalds
                                  Pontoon ride on Grindstone Lake with Jessie and Andrea Heatwole
                                                    My Birthday Girl- Heidi Jo~ 4 years !
                                                             Her Candyland Cake
                                         With 2 siblings, 2cousins, n two 2nd cousins to celebrate
Redoing Great-Grandpa Mahlon's Roof

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  1. the cake looks super! sounds like your keeping the days when their are no demands....happy birthday Heidi from all of us...miss you all