Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rainy Day Play

  Hurray ! Spring is here ! What's not to love about that ? But what about the little munchkins who really think they ought to be outside when there's a cold drizzle turning their play area into a soggy muddy mess? Sometimes I need inspiration to keep life indoors from becoming boring and to keep away the Wines.  Here are some ideas.
    • This is really a Favorite ! Give them some finger paints and let them go wild in the tub ! Clean up is easy with the shower hose and a sponge.
    • Empty Pamper boxes make a fun train !..or build houses or countless other things with them!
    •   Why save cookie decorating just for Christmas time? 
    •   This worked a bit better for Hannah than for Heidi.  Hannah still has her cat which appears occasionally. Heidi's lion has long been ripped and discarded.  So inexpensive for all the fun and laughter !
    •  I couldn't find my picture for this one but Hannah can spend a LOT of time sitting quietly at the table with some flour and cornmeal on a cookie sheet. She can write letters in it and then "erase" it by shaking the pan or she'll get out her little baking dishes and sift and mix and "bake" to her hearts content. Heidi enjoyed it too but it didn't last as long for her and it definitely didn't stay in the cookie sheet. It can make a mess but sweeps up easily.
    •   Some day they may actually speed up my cleaning, but for now it's just lots of fun to try..Afterwards, give them rags to "skate" on and help dry all the extra wet spots.
    •  If you have extra table boards, prop one up against the couch or other stable spot. PRESTO ! an indoor sliding board ! Just be careful if it has "protrusions" on the side they could scratch themselves on.
    •  Old envelopes and cards glued onto a discarded cereal box kept them occupied for a Long time. Let them go with markers, odd stickers (you know, the kinds that come in the mail or with a new calender), and whatever else you have on hand. Pull out their little vehicals and let 'em go to town !
    •  There are so many simple crafts out there and the girls are tickled pink when I tell them I'll do a "project" with them. This one included tracing their feet onto black felt to make a cute winter penguin. You can easily glue a magnet on the back so their creation can be displayed on the fridge. 
    • Stop at the library and stock up on "I Spy" books !  
    So what are your ideas ? I'd love to hear them !


  1. those are wonderful ideas...there were a few i havent done but know the children would love them :) thanks

  2. What a great mama you are!! I'll be checking in for rainy-day playtime ideas in a few years (=