Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine's Week

 Last week was a fun but busy one. On Monday Verena came up and helped me some for which I was very grateful.
  Tuesday I hosted the women's Bible study in our basement. Jo Hershey did a good job on the topic, " Keeper's at home". I wish I had a photo of the table loaded down with all the goodies and surrounded by the 8 lovely women that came.

 In the evening we had our own little candle-lit party.
 We had wet burritoes, chips 'n salsa, pink tapioca pudding, gummy butterflies someone had given us, pink drink with sherbet, and fruit pizza made with heart-shaped sugar cookies and drizzled with home made fudge sauce.

 Last year I was a day late with my Valentine's gift to Jacob...our Son!....now all too soon (Wednesday) he turned 1 year old. We love you, Buddy !
 Since we had prayer meeting plans for Wednesday night we decided to have his party Thursday night. Grandpa Johns, Verena, and Great-Grandpa Mahlons came. "Glorified mac n cheese was the main course.

  Verena made an "awesome" espresso cake and stuck a plastic saw into it for Mahlon.               MMM ! good stuff!!!

Pleased as punch with all the attention.
 Hannah playing with the box Grandma brought gifts in.

  On  Friday it was party time again. Beings our husbands are on the schoolboard, Beth and I were in charge of the Valentine's party for the schoolchildren.
 Beth did most of the planning and decorating and I just helped her. School moms also helped supply the food. We had hotdogs with cheese wrapped in crescent rolls, finger jello, veggie pizza, chips, punch,
cakepops and candy.

  After the meal, the teachers and children were divided into three groups, given an item, and ten minutes to make up a commercial.

  They did a great job and gave us plenty of laughs.  Then of course was clean-up time for Beth and I and she so sweetly stayed and helped me clean church too...What a blessing.  On the way home, around 3 pm, I suddenly remembered that I had promised to do baking for a family whose son was getting married on Saturday.  So that took up the rest of my afternoon and Jacob so kindly played deliveryman for me after supper.  
  Saturday I was feeling lazy and didn't get too much accomplished. And Sunday we enjoyed carry-in at church. This week feels pretty empty but I need to get back to my sewing projects.
    Adios'...this is Jan signing off.


  1. Looks very beautiful Jan!! May God bless you as you continue to reach out and fill your responsibilities.

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