Monday, January 16, 2012

Trust, Serenity, Child-training and More

  Awhile ago I read Ruby Showalter's blog about having a "word of the year". She said last year her word was "worship' and this year it's "trust".  I've had bits and pieces of blog running through my head nearly ever since and finally decided I just have to take the time to write here again and free up some brain-space for other things.
  Maybe it's more of a chance to unravel and organize my spaghetti.
Our impromptu New Year's Photo
So what's my word for this year? I haven't settled on just one but I'll start with Trust. ( sorry Ruby, not trying to steal from you :) New Year's Day we had lots of wonderful food for thought in our church service, but the one thing that sticks with me is a story, Todd Miller told in closing. This is in my own words as I remember it:  He told of when he was in York and challenged his friend Brian to a race. He took off at top-speed and beat Brian. For some reason Brian was running rather cautiously and wasn't at his fastest. Brian told him, "We shouldn't be running here. This is gang territory. It's dangerous to run." The point of the story was that looking around us slows us down from our race. Our focus isn't on our heavenly goal.    This was exactly what I needed to hear. Probably my biggest fears come when I look around at the corruption of this world, I hear talk of our country becoming communist, I hear of Christians under persecution, and I fear for the precious souls of my little ones. What will their futures hold? Will they stand under the pressures? More pertinent right now is the question of my own role in molding them. Will they fail because of My mistakes ? Some days the task looks too big..too overwhelming !  But then my focus is wrong. It's not on the face of My Father. One day at a time, with His hand in mine is so much better than taking on the next 20 years right now in my own strength!
  And my next words are SERENITY and SERENDIPITY. Simply put I want to work at being serene in the middle of chaos, calm when there are three littles cranking up a storm and fighting over my lap. I want to find enjoyment in the little things and not sweat the big things. I want to be more like my hubby when the girls asked for a balloon. Me? I would've blown up one for each of them. Him? No, he delighted their little hearts by blowing up 10 or so of them. What inexpensive, rapturous pleasure !  or the time Hannah asked me to make a paper airplane for her. I know from past experience..mine fall..not fly. So I sent her to her Daddy who can " do Anything!"  And he didn't disappoint..he found plans on YouTube and spent the rest of the evening making and flying a whole fleet of them!  Why not let them empty a cupboard to hide in? Why not let the laundry for a bit and play playdough with them? Why not smile instead of growling at them to hurry when they are picking up toys with their mouths and barking, instead of picking them up like 'normal' children? I want to learn to live more in the moment and remember that LIFE isn't out ahead somewhere, it's the here and now. It's happening and memories are being made..good or bad. Characters are being formed and little lives shaped..NOW.
  And I can't forget the word "gratitude". Yup, thinking Ann Voscamp again. A heart of gratitude can go a long ways to changing a damp weary outlook on life. I'm thankful for a sky of blue, my baby's charming smile, grace from above, a circle of  uplifting friends, answered prayers. Gratitude holds hands with Joy.
   And I'm rambling on and on and wonder if anyone will have read this far and no I'm not nearly done.
 I'm reading the book, "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp. I'm going at it rather slowly. There's so much to learn, to digest, to put into practice. So often it's about me and my own agenda. That's so not right. "Being a parent means working in GOD'S behalf to provide direction for your children..the parent must be aware of the fact that he is God's representative to the child...If your objectives are anything other than, 'Man's chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever,' you teach your children to function to culture on its terms."
  And with that comes a thought from Todd's sermon yesterday. That of: We have to Learn to Be Second in Command !"  My authority isn't simply ..because I'm a parent..therefore you MUST...rather for successful Anything in life, I need to be sitting at the feet of the First ONE in Command, getting my directives from Him!
  Now that I've said all that, how about the light stuff ? ! It's been awhile since I've lain awake at night pondering wedding plans, but I've been finding myself doing just that recently. I'm so excited I could jump up and down ! My best friend, my sister Loisann, is getting married and Jacob and I are to be in the bridal party.
Anthony Witmer & Loisann Weaver

It's sad though that we're so far away. The wedding is to be in PA, She's teaching school in Ohio, and I'm Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy out here in WI.  So much for shopping and planning together? Well, not quite..I dream up ideas, look for stuff on-line, and we email short little notes back n forth. I'm dreaming of going in 2 weeks b4 the wedding, but time will tell. They plan on getting hitched May 26th. Their colors are burgundy, black, and cream.
 Anyone want to come help me sew ? That's sew knot my cup of tea ! But I want to make about 6 or 7 dresses before then. Hmmm, it's nap   time and my littles are all quiet..maybe i should start right now ! OK, the end then ! Aren't you relieved? !


  1. Ahh how DARE you take my word from me?! Jk I think we all could use a little more of that, along with serenity. I know I need it when Hadassah's teething & cranky! I LOVE Ann inspiring! And give Sam my congrats!!! So exciting!!

  2. Janice thank you so much...I so needed this..thank you! Youll have to look at my sisters wedding pictures on my fb page her colors were red, black & silver...sorry your so far away. its hard not being closer when someone so dear is getting married. hugs and Ill say a prayer for you!

  3. o yes i really like your family photo

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  5. I am so glad I found your blog. I needed this today. Bless your heart :-)