Friday, June 2, 2017

23,000 Words

They say pictures are worth a thousand words so here you go :)
               All pictures on this post are courtesy of Miss Stacy Byler. Thank you, Stacy!
 After church Jake runs two families home that live a couple kilometers away. Meanwhile the rest of us walk out to the road to await his return. Here Joey is enjoying walking with Joshua Ombam.
                               The younger of the two Sunday school classes gives their presentation.
 Walking out to the road. Joshua was scared of a loud cow on the other side of the fence. Check out the nice maize to the left. We've been blessed with some beautiful rains.
                         A random shot from the school picnic. The games were here at our place.
The last Family Day, we decided to go to Jennifer's Gardens. Most of us had been there more than once except the girls, who'd never been there and had been asking for a chance to go. It was a perfectly lovely day and so relaxing. We enjoyed having Stacy along. And she was kind enough to get some family photos for us.
                   So much beauty!!....and cuteness ... (Joey and Joshua...
                                          Jake took charge of lunch. I mixed up some chapatis and he even made mandazis to go with everything else. Jediah oversaw the activities and was our taste tester.
                                                          Sweet Sisters
                                                            Cutest Monkey

clockwise from far left; Joseph-4, Hannah-9, Heidi-7, Mahlon-6, Joshua-2, Jake, Jediah-1, Jan
                                            We hiked up to the tea fields
enjoying my babies

somehow these pictures got mixed up. This was a bad accident we passed on the way to church.
before church

bench rides after church


  1. Thanks for posting these Jan! Your children are growing up! How I would love to come your way again! Blessings as you continue to be a light and witness for Jesus!

  2. Aw, how great to see these beautiful people. thank you for sharing. Love, Mom

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  4. Just saw this...thanks for posting these! Beautiful pictures!

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