Friday, November 4, 2016

Beauty All Around

Heidi in Nakurur
 More than one person has said that when they think of Africa they think of desert. Here in Kenya where we live, there's hardly any desert. But there is diverse beauty all around. There are the flat rice fields, the mountains, the rolling tea fields, the hills where stones and boulders jut out bigger than small houses.There are the vast savannas. The coffee farms. I love traveling in Africa and never tire of the changing scenery. Then there are the people. Little children with smudged up faces, running to wave as you go by. The old men napping in the sun. The grandmas wrinkled but hardy. The busy mothers scrubbing clothing in a watering hole...Friendly people. Beautiful Souls. All needing Jesus.
 Jesus. The Author of true Beauty.

There is usually cooler weather and more rain in Nakuru. It is a lovely place.

We were going to Freeman Bylers for supper but when we heard they had gotten the flu we ate at this place overlooking Lake Nakuru. So lovely and peaceful.

Jediah and Mary at the marriage seminar.

Jennifer's Gardens where we had the annual pastors outing with the native pastors and wives

Hi, My name is Precious and I am 3 years old.

There is beauty in Laughter which crosses all language barriers

Large Calla Lillies

Nelly and Jediah

My handsome Joshua. He loves to push his brothers' bikes all around.

Sunset over the savanna

The purple flowered trees are a favorite of mine tho I have no idea what they are called.
I always Love the bright green of the tea fields
Beauty in friendships...tho Mahlon does look a bit uncertain here


  1. Lovely photos Jan! It's so fun to get a peek into your life on the other side of the world! Hugs friend!

  2. I don't know you, Janice, but it's so good to see that you love Kenya as I do. bernice

  3. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! Even though it made me cry... I miss you all so much, I miss Kenya and it's beauty, I miss the dear people. It's hard to understand how being there only 3 weeks makes me miss it all! God be with you and thanks again for sharing. Love, Mom

  4. Love these pics Jan! We welcome them anytime! Blessings on your day!

  5. I loved those purple flowering trees also when we lived in Nakuru--back in 1998-2000. I enjoy reading Kenya letters; brings back many memories! Edna Peachey (Earl)