Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Just a bunch of pictures


Waiting for Bile study to begin

Jediah   4 months old  ** Photo credits go to Clarissa Yoder

Thanks Katie Troyer for the adorable outfit !

5 months old

 We took the "water" girls from SMBI to do some visiting one day. Eunice Ombam showed them how to "shell" maize and make chapattis.
good helpers :)

church nursery

Jr. is one of the friendliest little guys at church. His handshake is always more like a hearty whack accompanied by a big smile.

                              A school where Jake passed out some Bible story books.
Loaded up and ready to go. I think this was for an addition on a widows house..?
                        A morning at the park with 11 little people and my friend Glenda (that's her Tiffany with Joshua)

Jake made Chapatis for us, Sunday evening.


  1. Janice, I love your pictures! The ones Clarissa took of Jediah is so sweet! Makes me lonesome to see you all again! That chapati looks very good Jake!

  2. Love this! So happy you take the time to do this. I'll make sure Mom sees the pictures of Jediah.:)
    Love, Jo

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