Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Weather, Market, and Changes

  We welcome the rainy season. After a couple quite hot months, the rain showers, and thunderstorms arrived to cool the land. Such blessed coolness. This week's average temp for during the day is something like 82*s, dipping into the 60*s some nights.
 One afternoon and evening was rainy, dark, and so cool I shut some doors. I was on a high as I scurried about getting supper. As another woman said, "In Africa, it's FUN to get cold." I heartily agreed.
 This morning Jake left before breakfast. He and Joseph H. had to go 3 hours to Nakuru to sign some bank papers. He thought it should only take half hour and he'd be back in time to leave for Bible study at the normal time..1:10pm. I have to grin at his optimism. I think it was around 3pm that he called and they were just leaving. 
Zephania and Anna with the grandchildren that live with them.Anna's first husband died. She's a bit older than her 2nd husband who is just in his thirties. They are the ones who usually walk 1 1/2 -3 hours to church. I guess they have 2 places they live depending on work.
This is what happens when I leave Joshua with Stacy during sewing class...a big hair-bow/band. Surprisingly he left it on pretty long.
  And another trip to animal market.....

Jediah slept here while we shopped and  the grandmother who "owned" it sat outside tying the ends to a laso (?) I bought.
Jediah on my new laso. It's great to use as a small table cover, to sit on outside, carry the baby on my back (if I ever learn how), use as a hand towel when we are away. (Before eating the bring a basin around to wash our hands but no towels provided)...or as a shawl...I love the bright cheery colors!
After animal market, we tried out a different restaurant. Poor Joshua was so tired. We laughed as he tried to keep stuffing his mouth with fries while nodding and blinking as he fell asleep.Poor guy.
 If everyone helps bake cookies, where is mom to stand?
The school program was a couple weeks early because Tommy Waglers were moving back to the states before the end of the school term. They left yesterday and I bawled. They will be greatly missed.
The new family should arrive tomorrow afternoon. Also Stacy gets back from a quick trip she took to the states. Yay !

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