Saturday, April 4, 2015

Africa, Arguments, and (skip the Apes :) Part 2

  .....Well, we prayed, we talked, we prayed, we questioned. God shot down all my arguments. We talked to others. Some were encouraging. Some. Not so much." So what's your gut feeling?" I was asked. I understand the question. I've had strong gut feelings before when facing big decisions but this time.." I know it's weird for something this huge but I really do not have a gut feeling one way or another." I confessed. "So I will especially pray that my husband has clear direction."
  Long story short...we've consented to go. In retrospect maybe I did have a gut feeling but was denying it. My husband and I were/ are on the same page.
   I had a real sense of peace about it. Still do. But today I'm praying and listening to hymns trying to keep fears at bay. The threats and dangers there are very real but something happened the other week that was a good reminder that even in the U.S. our lives are in God's hands and calamities can come as well here as in Kenya.
 My husband was driving somewhere not too far from here when he heard gun shots. Later he discovered 2 bullet holes in his trailer. I hate to think how much worse it could've been if the shots would've come a few seconds earlier.
  Old hymns take on new meaning. "Where He leads me, I will follow. I will go with Him all the way."
 " I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord, over mountain or plain or sea ."
"My body is yours for anything, Lord.."
Yes, our prayer is that God would grow us more into His image through this "adventure" that our faith would be strengthened, that He could use us for His glory. But, please, God, don't let it hurt. Let it be a fun and easy journey. (sorry, that was FLESH speaking) .
 We need the prayers of those we love. It looks big. Some days it's exciting. Some days it's scary. But we want to press on. Pray that the paper work would go through quickly, as they would like us there as soon as the beginning of July. Pray that God's peace would continue to fill us and for God's hand to guide us. Pray for the children in the many travels and adjustments ahead. Pray.
Thank you.
Have a Blessed Easter. Jesus is risen indeed !And in Him, we too shall live. And if we die, still we shall live ! Below is a picture of a church where my brother's family passed out Bibles and had a service.


  1. Blessings, blessings! I am sure God has so many good things in store for you. ~Luci

  2. We're praying for you guys as you get ready to move across the world. How well i know the mixed feelings! And please, you are NOT replacing us, you are coming to fill a role that only Jake and Janice can fill.

    Looking forward to picking you up in Nairobi! :)