Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bits n Pieces of My Life

  Amazing..I'm back at trying to blog. I believe it's been nearly 10 months since I last blogged. Don't worry, I'm not about to try to cover all that elapsed time in this post. I'm just going to jump in and write random thoughts and happenings as they come to me.

  A couple weeks ago was our week of summer bible school. My husband was in charge of it this year and I really enjoyed being involved. Mixed up schedules, way early suppers, late nights, grumpy children, were all part of the week but so were all the fun that VBS includes..singing children's motion songs, just observing the children and loving on them a bit, washing up a sweet lil 5 yr.old who wore the same set of clothes 3 nights in a row (my guess is she also slept in them), entrusting my baby into the arms of a live-wire girl of 12 or so which really seemed to make her trust me more in return. One evening she carried him into the church and plopped down in her row, announcing, "I had a baby!"
                                            There were trying times too, rowdy children, crying child, stolen candy and cell phone, keeping my 2 year old reasonably quiet while he played in the entryway, trying to send a "child" bigger than myself back outside when he's snooping through classrooms during recess, fussy baby...But all in all we had a good week and the program went better than I expected.

We went camping last week..just our little family. Just nearby. It was nice but would've been better if we wouldn't have had to feed the mosquitoes. They were dreadful and my poor babies would wake up at night crying and scratching. We were home some inbetween. Jacob had off work on the Fourth but worked Friday while I stayed at the campsite with the children. It looked like a long day when the tots were whining and scratching but it actually went pretty good the rest of the time. We did a scavenger hunt, read stories, played tag and ball, walked to the lake and splashed there-in, walked back, rested/ napped and then The Grandparents came over for supper.
 We returned home before noon on Saturday. Jacob made a water slide for the children and they had lots of fun in that. The thermometer read 95*s.
The other day I asked the children what they thought the best thing will be about heaven. Heidi thought the best is that there are no mosquitoes there !    One day she prayed, "Thank you for this food and thank you for everything. Amen"   I'm like, "That was a short prayer!" "Yeah," She says, "That way I can eat my food quick." I had to laugh when she asked me one day if people ride on a camels hips. Of course she meant humps.
    And my baby is just growing so fast. He is now 8 months old. Has four teeth. Sometimes if i ask him if he wants to go up, he'll lift his chin or roll his eyes upward and make himself stiff. Then I'll hold below his knees and lift him into the air. I'd kinda forgotten about the patta-cake game till a day or two ago. Now if I ask him if he wants to play it, He'll put his hands together all ready for the fun.

 Yesterday I made a 5 gallon batch of laundry detergent. It was a good feeling to get that off my list and be set for awhile with that. I also made one of Jacob's favorite pies. Cheese custard. Served with cherry pie filling and coolwhip, it disappeared all too fast.
 Today I was trying to get Mahlon to "go potty". In an attempt to help things along, I turned on the spigot. As if he knew what I was doing, he says, "Mom, that's not gonna work." :}  Later I had him trying again but after a bit let him get up. To my chagrin, he soon went..but on the pile of books by the potty instead. Aarg..I just do not relish this part of mothering !
 Hannah continues to read, and Read and Read. I was a bookworm too. Growing up, It became my escape when life was rough. I hope I can teach my children to instead, escape to their heavenly Father. I read too many "Christian romance".  It's my desire to stock our shelves with reading materials that teach and build-up. There are so many great books out there, but it takes money..or friends :) I just read this bookLoving the Little Yearswhich I borrowed from a friend. It's a small book but packed full of inspiration. I want to get myself one and some for friends.
 And now I need to see if I can whip this place back into shape and get supper underway while the little people sleep. Earlier THIS is what they were up to :
I wondered what they were playing. Turns out Hannah's in the hospital having a baby. Guess that makes me a grandma ! Until next time, ~Jan

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